The unflagging Hon Member representing Jalingo, Yorro and Zing had break a decade records of politicians in the Northern Zone neither a Senator nor Reps or House of Assembly Member. As we all know aspirant across all the political parties used to go to the Emirs during campaign to seek for their blessing and they don’t usually get back to them for thanks giving after victory or lossing.

MAIGARIN Taraba has became a first person in the history of our emirate and the entire good people of Jalingo who came back with his entourage and thank our Royal Father Alh Abbas Njidda Tafida, the Fathers of the Land and the entire good people of Jalingo for giving him opportunity to represent us in the Green Chamber and solicit for their blessing, prayers and advice. He promised to be loyal and work wholeheartedly with them to develop our constituents. This is to tell you that MAIGARIN Taraba will going to offer an inclusive leadership for the betterment of our dear people.

At Muri Emirate Emir Palace MAIGARIN Taraba was received by the Alh. Usman Said Secretary to the Emir and elders of the emirate. The event was declared opened with the word of prayer by Chief Imam of Central Mosque Jalingo Malam Nuruddeen Muhd Dinga then handed over microphone to the Honourable, MAIGRIN TARABA commented that “Fathers of the land, religious leaders I want to inform you that I’m also a member and son of this Muri Emirate not by far just down here Ubangari Lamido Borno I’m one of his family member as a son. It’s a tradition of politicians to come to the emirate during campaign to seek for your blessings that’s why I decided to come and thank you for the blessings and prayers. Being an endigine of Zing LGA without stopping and I past through the local government because I consider Jalingo First. I’m destined to be a representative of this constituency despite my youthfullnest, I seek for your advice, prayers and guide because if I fail the failure is for all, so I need a serious guide and may Allah safe us from failures. Am very much glad to see our appointed ministerial nominee is also a Son of Muri Emirate, a brother to me and advocate for development. Insha Allah we will unite ourself and work for the people. One of my boss from Gombe sent me some pictures via whatsapp, showing our children in school seating on the floor at Muhammed Nya Primary/Secondary Secondary School Jalingo. It pains me seriously and I can’t wait for the 2020 budget, because I can understand the urgency of the situation and I managed improvise the chair’s.
The issue of education shouldn’t be responsibility of one person but collective responsibility, everybody is involve in order to move our dear State forward. What pains me is the way our politicians spoiled the life of our youths simply because of their personal interest and it resulted to SARA SUKA in Jalingo. What a pity, instead of educating them, mentor them, train them, coach them and giving them employment to keep them busy. I assure you with the little connection I have, I will try all my level possible best to seek employment for our youths. Thanks for the warm welcoming and support.”

The Secretary responded on behalf of the Emir ” You are the first elected house of representatives that deserve the seat. With regards to the issue of SARA SUKA in Jalingo we have so far tackle some part already. As a member house of representitive we knew that your responsibility is law making but government is always a government please and please we’re pleading you to use the little connection/links which you have with presidency to secure employment for our youths. Finally I will convey your messages to his Royal Highnes. Thank you for the visit and wishing you a journey mercy.”

From the Emir Palace he proceeded to Muhammed Nya Primary/Secondary School and commissioned 100 table chairs donated to the school and handed it over to the appropriate authority.
He further proceeded to the state party secretariat APC to address the general public. Calling on the party members to remain as partisans politiciant stressing that our society is suffering from the effect of illiteracy, school dropout, drugs abuse, youth restiveness and even social miscreant. MAIGARIN TARABA while addresing the media suggesting that Scholarship and Job opportunities would be provided to leverage humanity insha Allah.

Written by:
Usman Suleiman Madaki
Director Campaign MAIGARIN Taraba Social Media Crew.

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